Saturday, August 11, 2007


I got an e-mail from my sister this week - "What's up with your blog? It doesn't seem to have been updated recently..." Ah yes, it must be broken!

Just like the dishwasher broke, and the washing machine broke and so did the overlocker. Isn't it weird how everything likes to break at the same time? Only my blog isn't really broken - just neglected. I've been busy - doing stuff. (And reading Harry Potter - I've finished it now though)

And life is busy but not exciting busy and I had no pics to show so it didn't seem like I had anything worth updating my blog with.

But then it occured to me that even though I can't show you the layouts I've just completed, I can put up sneak peeks. So these are a couple of little parts of what's been keeping me busy. And no, these are not sneak peeks of my August Kit work - they are still to come ... I'd better go get busy!


Hannah said...

Sorry to hear about all your broken things! They do seem to happen at once.

Lovely sneak peeks ... so if they are not for the August kit, why are they secret?? HUH?? ;-)

Kelly said...

Wow - they look breath-takingly gorgeous!!!!! Can't wait to see the whole thing now!

BTW - love your new banner!

Karen L said...

Liking the looks of the sneak peeks - can't wait to see the whole layouts.