Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And finally she scraps!

My poor scrap desk has been lonely lately - I even found dust on it! So I organised myself and found time to scrap.

And cause it wasn't much time the latest Kiwi Jack was the perfect thing - I didn't have to come up with an original idea, just borrow one from the amazing Christi.
And it was such a gorgeous layout to jack from. There's lots I've copied straight from her layout - including the title. I'd bought this gorgeous piece of Cherry Arte flower paper and the Urban Lily rubons a few weeks ago. It was one of those - "I have no reason to buy these but they are really cool and I want them" moments. So it's cool I actually did use them!

The photo is of Gracie in her English backyard. Obviously English grass grows as fast as Kiwi grass and my brother hasn't gotten any better at mowing it!

And then last night I went to put away the scraps from that layout and thought - 'scraps' that would be the NZ Dare for the fortnight. So I came up with this:

All scraps that I hadn't actually put away yet. I couldn't get the rubon's back in their packet anyway so it was kinda convenient to use them all up! LOL

In other news:

Rebekah now knows what a blood test feels like. I couldn't believe how calm she was when she sat in the seat and waited - then I realised that I hadn't actually explained to her that they were about to put a needle in her arm and it would hurt! She was brave though and now we wait for the results - to see if there's a medical reason for why she's tired and can't concentrate.

Alexander did his six year net test at school. (A test all kiwi six year olds do to assess reading and writing.) He jumped up a whole 12 reading levels! I knew he was really catching on to this whole reading business - he keeps knowing stuff he could only know if he had read it. Unfortunately his first year teacher hadn't kept up with his enthusiasm and had him reading books that were way to easy.

OK - Jessi is playing at Charlize's house and it's a beautiful, fine day ... I'm off for a walk.


Monique said...

Hi Beverley...thanks for finding the time to Jack up Christi's layout, i just love the papers and the way you have used the photo, so sweet! lol about the grass in the UK!!

Hey and well done using up those scraps for the dare layout, maybe we should do this every time we scrap a layout...two for one lol!

Awesome to hear about your little boys reading, isn't it amazing watching them soak up those words...grr at that teacher though!! My eldest is a huge reader too and he was lucky to have a teacher who recognised this, she set him up with his own box of books suited to his level.

Hannah said...

Awesome take on Christi's layout, I love what you've done! And the Kiwi Dares layout is fantastic too.

Sounds like your little guy is doing great with his reading! Bummer about the teacher not picking up on that ... tsk, tsk! At least he's now in the correct group and hopefully he'll have a new love for reading with his higher-level books.

Janine said...

Wow I love your take on Christis Layout its stunning. Love your take on the dare one too. I have missed out on this one. But plan to scrap some scraps laster this week. Go Alexander on jumping those levels, sounds like he will thrive on the new books he has been given.

Jasmine said...

Hi Beverley - love your LO's they're totally gorgeous!!!

Thanks for dropping by my blog - of course I don't mind posting to NZ :) Just email me your postal addy to when you get a spare minute. I haven't made the gifts yet, but will hopefully do them over the next couple of weeks :)

Jas :)

Kelly said...

Both los are just totally gorgeous Beverley! Love how the papers worked so well for both of them!

My Mr 6 just had his test results back too - I reckon they are all bright sparks at the moment!

Christi said...

Wow, Beverley, the jack is awesome! Before even reading the text, I noticed the layout and went 'hey that looks like mine' lol. It's just gorgeous! I love how you lifted soooooo much, title included ;)

Fabulous way to use up your scraps too on the NZ Dare!!! I hope you get some answers from Rebekah's blood tests. Yay for Alexander moving up so many reading levels! I wonder how Kamryn will do when this comes around in a years time. It's sad the teacher didn't catch on. I kinda worry about this because DH was one that slipped under the radar so I know it happens.

Mrs Frizz said...

Love both layouts Beverley - nice and bright and cheerful ... gorgeous papers to boot.

Hopefully the blood tests will provide you with answers.

Julie said...

gorgeous take on Christi's layout and I love that lo for the Dares! it was fate when you couldnt get those rubons back in the pkt!

Karen L said...

Great layouts Bev - love seeing your work. It is always very inspiring.