Monday, July 23, 2007


...after saving up my hard earned coins, I took home from the shop my very own copy of Nic Howard's book.

This was a momentous moment in my life yesterday. I took that baby home and planned to read it all -cover to cover- right away. I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat for maybe 15mins trying to take it all in and fend off the kids who wanted my attention, while instructing Michael on the proceedings for preparing dinner.

Then reality took over and I realised that if we wanted to eat dinner at a reasonable hour I'd better get in the kitchen and do something about it. So I cooked dinner, did the dishes - our dishwasher broke, pulled the curtains ... you know - did what had to be done.

Then I walk into the lounge and find this:

I think he was studying the dishwasher 101 layout, or maybe he was impressed with the size of Nic's letterbox - whatever it was, the book is obviously just as amazing as I knew it would be.

Now let me get a cup of coffee and enjoy it!


Debbie said...

That is awesome Beverly...I have flicked through all the pages but just trying to find time when no one is about, there isn't much to do and i can just sit for a few hours and read it word by word. Though i have set myself a goal of at least 5 photos of every day things each day.

Hannah said...

Hahahaha!!!! That is SOOOO funny!! I giggled out loud!

Hope you get some time to read it YOURSELF tonight!! I must try and get a copy of it as I've heard so many great reviews.

Rowena said...

had to smile :)
If that had been my hubby, he would have made me destroy the evidence!

Shell Honig said...

LOL Beverley! LOVE that you captured you DH on film! He can't deny it now :)

Lynda said...

LOL.Bustered and you have proof.Funny.Enjoy your reading time Beverley.