Monday, July 16, 2007

Design Team Stuff

Well, 'A Sassy Lass Called Elsie' was an awesome kit to work with. I loved the combination of Sassafrasslass papers with Elsie papers. Check out all the other dt girls work here.

My favourite layout for the moment would be this one:

It's refreshing to have all that space around the edges. When I took photos of Dad in the hospital Mum said they better not end up on the internet or in a magazine or something. But I think this one would be o.k. For those of you who don't know ... Dad came off his motorbike on the farm and had serious head injuries. He spent two months in hospital but is now at home - still recovering but very much alive.

This one I started scrapping with the big photo and then remembered that I had some photos of a younger Jessi in exactly the same spot. The frame around the smaller photo is a Zina Wright stamp which I doodled onto acetate.

Just playing with the lined paper in this one.

And the torso. This is actually a Wendy Redshaw-Bruhns design from Freestyle 07. The girls at Rebekah's birthday party did a very simple version and all the time they were doing it I was thinking - 'that paint colour would go so well with the sassfrasslass paper from the kit.' So I took one home to dress up in Sassa style.

And I'm still going with the kit. I've just finished my take on the new Kiwi Jack - lifting a layout by Ruth Cahill. But I'll wait till tomorrow to take a pic of it and put it up here.

Wow at how fast Hannah was on that Jack. Hers looks awesome and I loved how she explained all the thinking and reasoning behind the layout. I should do more of that ...

Right, off to bed - in hope that I can then get up at a suitable time for getting the kids up and dressed and fed and ready for school - before 9am!


Janine said...

I have to say this months kit is a stunner. I loved it. Loving what you all created. I have to say I am starting to get more into hand written journalling it's so much quicker. Thise layouts are fnastic Beverley I like tham all. I liked how you used the HS mask on paper too. Can't wait to see your "jack" layout.

Debbie said...

I just love that layout of your Mum and Dad beverly...I am so sure that they won't mind...I could feel tears welling up as i was reading the journalling...The other layouts are just awesome.

Hannah said...

Oh Beverley, those layouts are just beautiful!! Stunning. I just love them all!! Awesome, awesome job.
That kit is just awesome and I definitely need to get me some Elsie papers - they rock!! I can feel my style "evolving" a little bit and I want to play and have fun with supplies that are a little bit different for me ;-)

Can't wait to see your Jack, too!!

Christi said...

Wow, Beverley, such awesome work from one talented lady! Wow, I am blown away by these layouts this month! Fabulous work per usual ;)

Julie said...

You have done some stunning work with this months kit!! I am going to have a play with the mannequin -I've had one sitting here for some time - LOL
The layout of your mum and dad is beautiful!

Ann said...

Stunning work Beverley, this months kit is gorgeous.

I especially like the layout of your mum and dad......very special.