Monday, February 05, 2007

Stuff I learnt about camping

1. Tents are heavy and take up lots of room but our new car is big enough to handle it!
2. Setting up a tent takes organisation, co-operation and referring to the instructions is also helpful.
3. It pays to check out the neighbours before putting the tent up - 6mth old babies do not sleep quietly through the night and wake at 6am!
4. When it rains - stuff gets wet. (O.K. that one is obvious!)
5. When you sleep against the side of the tent and it's raining outside - you'll wake up wet.
6. Plastic knives do not slice fresh bread easily.
7. Showers are not reliably warm, reliably pressured or reliably even available.
8. It pays to pack a mirror if you want to know what you look like while camping.
9. Kids can play for hours on the playground, only coming back to be fed or apply a sticking plaster.
10. Taking the tent down and putting it back into it's little bag also requires a special talent.
11. When faced with no scrapping supplies and no computer one can still be accused of 'scrapbooking' just by taking a few (hundred) photos.


Hannah said...

Hehe, those were very good!! Thanks for the giggle! Even though you're right about all those things, sounds like you had a lot of fun camping ;-)

Mrs Frizz said...

I joke around and say that it is allowed to rain between 10 pm and 6:00 am - unless of course you are camping - lol!

Sounds as tho you had a ball and yep, I remember camping a few times and standing in lines for a shower in the shower block and hoping that there would still be hot water when it was my turn ...

Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm sure those pics will be worth all the rain... almost!