Friday, February 09, 2007

She's Three

My baby is three.

The hair cut doesn't look too bad, it wasn't much. She really just gave herself a fringe in the front there. I guess it is about time she had her first hair cut - but I'd kinda wanted a hairdresser to do it!

We've been at the zoo today. I figured there really wasn't much point in having a party cause she only has one friend. So we took that one friend to the zoo and had a really neat day out.
I made them little zebra purses and filled them with plastic animals and lots of animal themed snacks and a drink. It was so cute watching them walking round the zoo together. Each time we stopped at an enclosure they'd get out their little plastic animal and match them up. We saw the baby sun bear and fed the giraffes and got fairly close to the tiger even.

I'd so love to take her to Auckland Zoo!

Then tonight we had our 'adult' friends and family over for a BBQ, ate lollies and chippies and did the cake thing. She's had a big day!


Hannah said...

She looks cute! At least she has curls, they seem to hide a multitude of hair-cutting sins ;-)
Love the cake, too!! Did you make it?

OMG, those little zebra bags are the CUTEST!! The girls look adorable, and I smiled when I read about them matching their plastic animals to the real ones - gorgeous!!

Sounds like a lovely birthday! Happy 3rd Birthday, Jessianna!

Annie said...

Those Zebra purses are so cool and what a great idea with the animals etc. Sounds like a perfect birthday to me.

Ruth said...

Cool cake. Love the zebra purses too, very cute.

Mrs Frizz said...

Too cute ... gorgeous ... love the bags and the goodies that have come out of them. Cake looks pretty impressive.