Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well the new year has snuck up and passed me. I'm in holiday mode - staying up late (that's normal) and sleeping in (well, as much as you can with little kids in the house). Just wish the weather would be more summery! Hope you are having a nice holiday and that 2007 treats you well.

Thought I'd finally share my c.j. with the world. I love how it turned out and thanks to everyone who participated in it.


Janine said...

awesome cj you have there Beverley

tanyaleigh said...

WOW! what a cool CJ Beverley. Everyone has done a fab job. Love it!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Beverley, This circle journal is so gorgeous, what a great idea doing a recipe one.. I love the sign in bit at the back with the tags.. brilliant.. :o)
ps, thanks for your congrats..

iralamija said...

this is beautiful!!